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Źródło: Discovery Channel Polska, Science & Technology | Polecamy: zobacz też dyskusje znajdującą się niżej.

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Discovery Channel Polska / kategoria Science & Technology


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Nagie zapoznawanie się w Amazonii - Nagi instynkt przetrwania - Discovery Channel -

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  • Wow they travelled to a place where everyones genitals go blurry - zdanie od Buona Fortuna
  • so did they have sex or not - zdanie od Kidda Soud
  • So what's the big deal about asking someone who never developed a skill set like most any aboriginal people do, to try and operate in their environment? The show would probably be more boring if you asked a naked Amazon to work a day or two in an advertizing firm in New York. I think you are just selling fantasies to fat old men like me!  - zdanie od cosimoto1
  • To jest bardzo śmieszne!!!!!! - zdanie od Mateusz Ambrozik
  • Can someone please tell me the point in having a program called " Naked and afraid " when they censor the nakedness ? They might just as well have the people wearing swimsuits or Lycra body suits. Totally stupid and pointless. - zdanie od fred grove
  • Noticed upon meeting her first comment was to demean the mans genitals ("Twig and Berries")...guess she's communicating her lack of interest right away. - zdanie od Homertoeclipper
  • alright.... another porn.. - zdanie od levi salvador
  • Array - zdanie od Laloree Hemoo
  • Im totally amazed ! not about the two naked people but for once the little picture i clicked on actually delivered the goods i was hoping to see WOW ! - zdanie od kickarseboy
  • They just shook hands? Gross :D - zdanie od faizan ahmed
  • she's got such a nice ass - zdanie od Clement Bottomley
  • really? they even have to censor butt too? i mean i do not enjoy looking at another man asscrack butt hey, we all have one. - zdanie od Vegren
  • Czego to ludzie nie zrobią dla pieniędzy...Masakra!!! - zdanie od Zibi Kozak
  • Natural woman butt - zdanie od Onur Demir
  • Nagie zapoznawanie się w Amazonii - Nagi instyn…: - zdanie od Yanerssy Ochoa
  • Stara się nas przybliżyć do zwierząt zabierając nam to co nas czyni ludźmi - rozum. - zdanie od Adam Mądrzejewski
  • Array - zdanie od Rakiman Galih
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  • Wyobraźcie sobie, że to oglądacie a tam wasza matka. - zdanie od Krysia Marysia
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  • Yo no entiendo a ese perro.. - zdanie od Urbaez Medina
  • الانسان - zdanie od Hasan Suliman
  • Dat ass - zdanie od Bent Inhalf
  • La chica esta muy buena. - zdanie od 6koko3
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  • Array - zdanie od Samullah Khan
  • they censor the man's butt because you can see his balls and dick sometimes between his legs when he fucking walks or climbs over stuff when lifting up his legs you god damn retarded people. Good god people, use their damn common sense. The woman's vagina is pretty well hidden between your butt cheeks even if she walks and stuff compared to a man's dick and balls. - zdanie od sparda9060
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  • Go and put some clothes on  - zdanie od Hajra Bibi
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  • Array - zdanie od Rafael Angel Rodriguez Arce
  • they have to smell there ass ?? and pea on each tree ? WTF LoL - zdanie od alhajree
  • That's a facts of life - zdanie od Mike Mercado
  • if all such bold, why a censorship in show - zdanie od Erno Saarela
  • Mete o pênis na vagina dela aí no mato !!!!! - zdanie od SuburbanDreams-RJ
  • 马赛克君,,, - zdanie od 花中原
  • I don't understand why the sexual areas are blurred. Is it because they are dirty and there may be some priests around? - zdanie od
  • naked but pedicure must have been done for running in the bush xD - zdanie od Flash Flasher
  • They should start with, go ahead and look - both was staring in eachothers eyes ^^but i agree why are they cencur this ? they lose alot of viewer this way, lets be real - nudity is exciting...... - zdanie od luftisbollen
  • OMG Naked people. This is really the most original idea. Who would have thought ( Producers, investors, executive business, people that wear 3 piece suits ) having naked people would sell. Hmmmmm. Let's put two idiots, but relative attractive people , ( BTW the fat girl that auditioned for this show was sent to Marine World ) and have them walk around the Jungle disagree with everything and Tell them to pretend that a Full Scale REALITY. Camera Crew is watching their PRIVATE actions.... - zdanie od ASSBANG6969
  • How come they censored the man's butt & left hers uncensored!!!  - zdanie od DaredevilX90
  • Array - zdanie od Rasal Ahmed
  • There is no reason why this needs to be filmed and shown on tv! A new low! - zdanie od Mad Hatter
  • lol and then ur censoring?? - zdanie od Lovely Lunar
  • Firstly, I have not seen the entire episode, so please forgive me for any pre-judgment, but from this initial clip, the woman's way of speaking at the beginning is very, very rude towards her male partner! If you begin with negative thoughts, why expect positive! I havn't seen the whole experience,but I hope these two got along positively, helping each other in an unquestionably very, very difficult situation! Can I respectfully, also say the girl has a very, very nice arse! He he! ( I mean no harm by that, it is a compliment! If it is offensive I will apologise, but I really mean it strictly as admiration of a beautiful thing!Surely that is not wrong!) WOOOW! - zdanie od apachewolfscout
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